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What BioinfoTools offers

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Choosing a consultant

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Contacting BioinfoTools & FAQ

Feel free to ask about your project (there is no charge for initial queries). The frequently asked questions (FAQ) is available here too.

BioinfoTools: bringing computational biology to your project

BioinfoTools is an independent consultancy built on a joint background in computer science and biology, and twenty years experience in computational biology.

Customers are assisted in developing a bioinformatics strategy through consulting, software development and data analysis services, working from their biological aims. Work can be carried out at the customers’ site, whether local or international.

Studies on all types of biological data are invited. Specialist computational and biological background is available for studies of epigenetics and chromatin structure, protein-DNA (or protein-RNA) interactions, as well as protein sequence, structure and function studies and genomics.

Original methods can be developed to exploit your particular dataset or solve your particular problem.

Lines of work can include all of (but need not be limited to):

Dr. Jacobs maintains his own research interests, currently particularly in epigenetics, chromatin structure and new algorithms for computational biology, reading widely in both the experimental biology and computational biology literature.