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revised: 12-Dec-02
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BioinfoTools is at present developing a range of products. There are two categories of products: (a) general-purpose engines and (b) analytical methods. Those who have not already done so may wish to read the overview of BioinfoTools, which outlines its intended targets.

General-purpose engines

These provide core functionality, enabling bioinformatics developers to program bioinformatics tasks without needing to consider the technical details of how much of the process occurs. This frees developers to concentrate on what bioinformatics tasks are to be implemented rather than becoming bogged down in implementation issues.

While these engines can be applied to a wide range of data, the tools developed upon these engines by BioinfoTools will focus on protein sequences and structures.

Analytical methods

These products target analysis of protein sequences, their evolution and atomic structures, and the interaction of proteins with their substrates. They are built upon the corresponding bioinformatics engines described above. In addition to being products in their own right, they provide a "real world" test of developing tools using these engines.

Details about these products will not be released until a few weeks prior to the software becoming available. However, you can register now for email updates on products in advance of their release using the inquiry page

BioinfoTools will consider requests to develop software for customers. More about this can be found on the FAQ page.

Some free software developed by BioinfoTools staff will be made available from the Resources page. You must register before you can obtain copies of this free software, using the inquiry page. This free software is primarily designed for Unix-based systems, including Mac OS X.

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