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Biotechology in NZ


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Below are a very limited number of links to useful internet sites for bioinformatics. This list is deliberately short: some of the more comprehensive lists are quite overwelming.



Tutorials can be found by using the links listed above. If there is sufficient demand, direct links to a small number of tutorials will be placed here. Let us know! Cythia Gibbs, the co-author of a bioinformatics textbook with O'Reilly books has written some introductory comments ("Computers + Biology = Bioinformatics") for people wishing to get into bioformatics development and deployment. A related article (Why Biologists Want to Program Computers) by James Tisdall can be found on the same website.

Most of observations in these articles will be agreed to by most bioinformatics / computational biology researchers/developers, but be open-minded! These are personal observations and O'Reilly is a strong supporter of Open Source software (BioinfoTools has nothing any against either, but has a lot against lack of open-mindedness!). Others will have different ideas on a few of Cythia's points. James' article has a definite bias in favour of the Perl programming language (programmers can get rather zealous about their favourite programming language) and Cythia's article is ironically titled with one of the "myths" tackled in the first rumination column of this site (although I suspect she'd agree with what is written there). Some of the issues raised in these articles might be dealt with in a later Ruminations column.

A wide range of books on bioinformatics is now available, including at internet bookstore such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, FatBrain, DA Direct and the like. If you are looking for course recommendations, you are welcome to send email queries to



Free molecular biology software elsewhere on the internet

A large amount of free (or cheap) bioinformatics software is available via searching the WWW or using the links listed above. Commericial users should take care to note any restrictions on commercial use: many "academic" software packages now have license arrangments for commercial use. An appeal to sense: would academics please consider smaller players and independent scientists when making up these commercial-use licences - many seem to think the world is only made of vast multi-national firms.

A short list of useful free (or cheap) tools for bioinformatics on small Unix-based computers (ie. Mac OS X, Linux, etc.) may be listed here at a later date. These will be tools restricted those of interest to BioinfoTools.

Free software available from BioinfoTools

Some of the software Dr. Jacobs has developed in the past may be made available here at no cost or at an arbitrary price to cover distribution costs. In general, these products are not maintained as such (or at best whimsically), nor is support offered for them. They are to be used on a "as is" basis. Most of these tools are designed to run on Unix-based systems. Basic documentation will be supplied. Please do read the documentation before making any queries. In order to download these products you'll need to register first. Registration also enables you to optionally receive email advance notices about BioinfoTools products.

At present no software is available on-line. If you register, you will be informed when software is made available. To register, use the the inquiry form, setting the inquiry type to indicate that you wish to register for downloads, etc.


New Zealand biotechnology companies

Below are links to a few companies in the biotechnology area in New Zealand. To see a more complete list of companies, see the links in the first item below. The targets of companies' research range from human diseases and cancer to forestry and agriculture, reflecting traditional strengths in the New Zealand research industry. BioinfoTools is in direct contact with many of the companies listed below. As you can see, New Zealand has a quite active biotechnology sector!




Selected bioinformatics conferences in the Asia/Pacific region

Below are listed some of the up-coming conferences in the region that may be of interest to readers. This is not a comprehensive list. Meeting organisers are welcome to recommend meetings to place on this page via the the inquiry form.

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