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About this web site

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Problems using this web site

If you are experiencing trouble using these web pages, it is most likely due to one of several things:

Users with very small screens (eg. 13") may have dificulty. Little can be done about this. This site has been designed for screens 15" or larger.

There may be some inconsistency of layout from one type of web browser and one type of operating system to another. This is to be expected. A great deal of effort has been put in to address this: these pages are as consistent as they can be made to be within a realistic time frame. However, if you do observe any serious flaws, please free to report them.

If your errors or problems are not resolved with the above advice email can be sent to the webmaster at BioinfoTools Please do read the advice above first.


Developer's tips

This section contains a few tips to developers of web pages. These are not all-encompassing, nor are the tips given in any particular order. They are offerred only in the hope that might help someone:


Borrowing the code from this web site

As stated in the Legal page, you are welcome to use the code for the layout and structure of these web pages. Credit, including a link back to the home page of this site is appreciated. You may not use the content of this web site without prior permission (although generally this will be granted to those who ask who have reasonable uses).

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